The First Time You Meet Someone Relationship Training

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The First Time You Meet Someone Relationship Training

The First Time You Meet Someone (TFTYMS) is an intensive relationship training for singles who are dating or considering dating, looking for connection or hoping to land a relationship.

While there is the lure of the potential to connect, there is a lot more than meets the eye when it comes to realizing that potential.

When it comes to TFTYMS or, for that matter, any relating encounter, it’s ‘game-on.’ You really have to know how to play the ‘game,’ have a ‘game-plan’ or strategy to adhere to, which require intention, focus and motivation.

Dating, relating and connecting are themselves, art forms – co-creative processes – that require understanding of basic principles, specific skills development and practice.

In TFTYMS, you will learn those principles and develop those skills that will make you a more proficient ‘dater,’ ‘relater’ and ‘connector.’

You will:

  •  Learn how to be in the world and all of your relationships, more openly, honestly and authentically. Your “connectivity quotient” (whatever that is) will rise exponentially!

  •  Build confidence in your ability to be yourself and relate to others, and in knowing what you’re doing.

  •  Increase your chances of making a connection by being more expressive, creative and methodical when meeting someone for the first time.

  •  Learn and grow from every encounter, regardless of the outcome of any one.

8 Sessions 1 ½ hours per week


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Daniel Linder MFT; Addiction Specialist and Relationship Trainer (Singles, Couples and Families) 30+ years of experience, author of Dating, A Guide to Creating Intimate Relationships and Intimacy, The Essence of True LoveWhy am I, a happily married man of 30 yrs, writing, talking and teaching about the first time you meet someone? After years of study what it is that makes my marriage work so well is our ability to create a safe space to be fully ourselves with each other, face conflict and difficult feelings fearlessly and get through them with a deeper understanding and appreciation of each other. At some point, it dawned on me that the way we are with each other now after 30 years is, in many ways, the same as we were the first time we met.