Four C’s and a “FENCE” to KEEP LOVE THRIVING- Dr. Gerald Smith, Ed.D.* Licensed Psychologist

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Breaking-up Mindfully is for anyone in any relationship they want to end for the sake of their health and wellbeing. “Relationships with means of relief” are secretive, unconsciously driven, include relationships with substances, i.e. alcohol, stimulants, opiates, benzos, pot; or sex, porn, love addictions, compulsive gambling and codependent relationships or ...

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This is the first “installment” of a number of essays promoting the advantages of an equal partnership in a love relationship. I’m enthused writing about this topic because I believe it is the best way to enjoy a loving relationship. I also know that many unequal partnerships can work well, but still the equal arrangement has major advantages.

Gerald Smith, Ed.D.*
Licensed Psychologist

Love thrives best when conflicts are...

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