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West Coast Mindfulness Institute is committed to hosting events that are relevant to our clients and our colleagues. This mont we are hosting a virtual Drinks with Shrinks on a topic that is very present for all of us in Northern California, fire season. Our featured speaker, Dr. Theresa Tsingis, will be sharing tips on how to support your clients and your colleagues emotionally and physically during this time. Learn more about how to detox from pollution created by forest fires. To learn more see the flyer below!

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About Dr. Tsingis:

Dr. Tsingis has more than 25 years of experience in allopathic and chiropractic medicine, clinical nutrition, public health, and functional medicine. She is a Certified Functional Medicine Practitioner with the Institute of Functional Medicine. She believes an integrative approach to life experiences, physical and emotional states, cognitive function, and spiritual wellbeing are vital to attaining health, balance, and serenity.