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Zen and the Art of Being a Therapist During a Pandemic

Join NCMI for a virtual event.

April 23rd 2020 from 6:30-7:30pm.


Zoom Link:



We want to bring our NCMI community together to manage the pandemic as therapists, healers, and impacted citizens – – and to brainstorm regarding how to best manage our “new normal.”



  • Provide “best practice” methods to work with clients virtually.Share resources. 
  • Consult with colleagues on how to utilize effective and timely crisis management skills.
  • Discuss how to share space with your family and loved ones while doing our work.
  • Explore ways of doing self-care while providing care for others, and avoiding burnout.
  • Find hopefulness, mindfulness and optimism when it’s so easy to be negative and fear-based. 
  • Discover ways of growing or re-purposing your practice to stay relevant and impact. 

Pricing Details:

This event is FREE to all individuals. If you would like to make a small donation to support NCMI during this chaotic time, email the Clinical Coordinator, Hunter at hbrown.ms@gmail.com

Remember, DWS events are ALWAYS free for members. Join today!