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featured Verified Rafael Cortina

Rafael Cortina


In my work, I truly believe that self-awareness is the key to personal healing, and will restore the growth process. As individuals learn more abou

featured Verified Kathryn (Katie) O’Brasky LCSW
featured Verified Jerry Smith

Dr Smith has been doing psychotherapy for over 45 years and he says he still feels he is thriving in his work. Because of the range of his trainin

featured Verified Linda and Charlie Bloom

Linda Bloom, LCSW and Charlie Bloom, MSW have been married since 1972. Trained as psychotherapists and relationship counselors, they have worked wi

  • 682 Nobel Dr
featured Verified Vann Duke

Fitness and Wellness online services for adults over 50.

featured Verified Chris Andrews

I have a Masters Degree in Counseling Psychology and have also received professional training, certifications, and over a decade of extensive exper

featured Verified Jim Bramson

Jim Bramson

Licensed Clinical Psychologist
featured Verified Jeff Cohen

Hi, I’m Jeff Cohen, licensed Marriage & Family Therapist, practicing for over 20 years. My intent is to help you deal with problems you�

featured Verified Stephanie Solar

Stephanie Solar

Marriage and Family Therapist

Let's face it. Life is a juggling act between home, work, school, friends and family. Our bodies are bioenergetic systems geared for balance. When