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"If you can laugh in your own face, you can laugh in the face of anything." -- Swami Beyondananda   Last month, I suggested you try the mantra, "It's a joke -- laugh" at the first signs of "irregular-hilarity".  Assuming you successfully did this, you took the first step in mastering self-facing laughter.  Rather than being a put-down, se...

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For many of you interested in PARITY in your relationship, exploring your needs and the needs of your partner is worth some time. Following is an exercise that can be useful to learn more about yourself and your partner. You can do this exercise alone, but it will be more rewarding if your partner joins you.   What is involved here is making some guesses about your personality as well a...

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This is the first “installment” of a number of essays promoting the advantages of an equal partnership in a love relationship. I’m enthused writing about this topic because I believe it is the best way to enjoy a loving relationship. I also know that many unequal partnerships can work well, but still the equal arrangement has major advantages.


Gerald Smith, Ed.D.* Licensed Psychologist

Some Suggestions for a Complicated Journey