Dr. James Bramson Co-Founder

Dr. Bramson Licensed Clinical Psychologist (PSY-19459), Social Worker (LCS-19040) and Executive Coach has been providing therapeutic services since 1985, and organizational consultation and executive coaching since 1995. Dr. Bramson is an effective, caring, results oriented therapist and coach. He empowers clients to maximize their strengths and achieve significant short and long term goals. He utilizes an integrative approach that promotes self-awareness, confidence and the courage to live an authentic life. Dr. Bramson also believes that a therapist or coach should be an active collaborator rather than a passive “listening ear”. He believes that a client’s concerns should be addressed each session and that unconscious thoughts and feelings need to be brought into awareness. Go to his website at http://drbramson.com

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Dr. Joshua Wilson is a pediatric and adult psychotherapist specializing in the diagnosis and treatment of mood disorders, anxiety disorders, substance abuse, ADHD, ASD, and other neurodevelopment disorders. He is the co-founder of East Bay Mindfulness Center and maintains a private practice in Orinda, CA. Josh is an evidence-based practitioner who is warm, approachable, compassionate, and results oriented. He is well versed in several theoretical modalities including CBT, ACT, and DBT. Josh can be reached directly at docjoshwilson@gmail.com or 925-813-0865.

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